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Benjamin Rankin
Benjamin Rankin

Benjamin Rankin has always had his eyes on the future and his feet on the ground at all levels of the organization.  He simplifies complex concepts, believes that authenticity is the best way to have impact, and knows that when people understand why we need to evolve that impact will be long-term.  He grew up in America, trained at the Juilliard School, has been living in Europe for over 15 years and is married to a Chinese woman, giving him a unique perspective whether working with teams of 3 or 30,000 people.

He has transformed commercial organizations in order to make people work differently with wholesale networks, not only working on structures and roles but also on HR processes including recruitment, career planning and pay structure.  He has worked extensively on optimizing store management: both in terms of people and processes.  He has developed and implemented training programs for retail and commercial organizations, including but not limited to management, commercial techniques, sales techniques, and training techniques.  He has pushed innovation both in terms of customer experiences and in terms of the way we motivate and manage people.  He has brought significant innovations to product training- mixing savoir-faire and easy to use sales approaches.  He has revolutionized the way digital tools are created and used in exchanging best practices, developing people and making sure that his clients’ brands are top of mind across the distribution.

He has worked for Dior, Givenchy, Gold&Wood, Lagardére, Lancôme, LVMH Group, Louis Vuitton, Pierre Marcolini, Sephora, Sorbonne Univerity, Sterling Commerce and Unilever. His passion is to help each of them better express their pointed differences, gaining market share and improving service standards.