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Luxendream | Choose a 360° Personalized Customer Experience !
Luxendream 2017-01-18T09:08:04+00:00

360° Personalized Customer Experience

Our lifestyles are constantly changing, as is our relationship with technology.

When we go to a restaurant or a hotel, we want to know what other people have thought about it. We may even want to reserve on a site in order to earn points and or get discounts. When we go in a store, we want to touch and feel the product, and sometimes ask our friends immediately what they think. We may want to buy what we see immediately, or perhaps check to see if the item is available for less. We might want to have something delivered and or installed directly in our own home…

Another big tendency is that we want to be able to have customized things readily available, be it: a pair of personalized sneakers; a custom-made cocktail concocted by a world-class bartender; a cream which adjusts active ingredients to my skin; or even a massage adapted to my body. Our expectations are becoming more demanding.

Customers might notice companies investing massively in technology, but at the same time get lost when they see the differences between the digital and physical worlds of companies. Companies have tried to address both worlds with click-and-collect initiatives, but what we see on our mobile devices and in-store is rarely aligned.

Several stores, hotels, and restaurants try to make their physical experience “excellent”, yet this can be anything but great if the companies put themselves at the center instead of focusing on the customer. ( i.e. “Welcome to company x”). Some organizations inadvertently make their staff act like robots, for example having 10 things which must happen during every sale. The focus in these cases is on the company’s process not the customer’s experience.

This is why at Luxendream we push companies to think and to rethink globally around the customer experience, including service, merchandising and management approaches. This allows us to offer a personalized, seamless experience for each person whether they connect via the internet or the physical environment. Luxendream looks forward to helping you build your 360° Personalized Customer Experience!